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Here at Clear Property we are very proud of Kelly, who has been shortlisted for not one but two Venus Awards – ‘The Working Women’s Oscars’!

The categories Kelly has been shortlisted for are ‘Women in Property’ and ‘Business Mother of the Year’.

Kelly is an inspiration to us all at Clear Property, as she successfully juggles her business and being a mum.

So we asked Kelly to say a few words and to share an insight into her busy world…

“Firstly, thank you – to who, so kindly nominated for this category. It is an absolute honour, and I aspire to Win this award, and to do that I need the help of the PUBLIC.

As a mum of three beautiful amazing boys, and the owner of my own Estate Agency it is always a juggle. Why should I over many mums, be recognised for this amazing award?

When I first begin my journey in estate agency, I had a very small baby at home. I was returning to work as a young mum, and I was just 19 years old. I had no close-by family support and so it was just me and my son.

I recall having to find childcare and working longer hours than I had expected. There was pressure on me to perform, as my first role was with Connells in South Street, and there was a league table and I wanted to be at the top in my region.

I remember the days of receiving calls to say, your son has been poorly can you collect him… Those moments as a mum, you feel terrible guilt. You want to be there for your child, yet, you know when you leave the office, you are going to be thought of as an inconvenience and a cost to the business. Working in a team of 6, all men, I felt awful. To ease my burden, I would go home and take work with me that when my son was sleeping I could action away from the office.

There was a day, I was ready to go to an important valuation. Dressed smart and prepared, ready to go, I received that ‘CALL’ and I had to ask a colleague to step in and help cover my appointment. I drove to my son’s nursery and picked him up. He was sick all over me, all over my company car, and I remember getting home. He slept all afternoon, and I spent the day, cleaning!!! I then spent the evening working and in those early months, of working with Connells I was able to be TOP of the League and win several categories. Juggling, is difficult, it can make you feel guilty, but…. I did it and I was able to shine!”

The ‘Business Mother of the Year’ category is determined by public vote. If you would like to hear more of Kelly’s story and vote for her please click here.

Voting is open until 15th February.  Thank you for your support.

Dawn Chamberlain

Dawn Chamberlain

Marketing Manager


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