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Christmas Tips!

Top tips to sell in time for Christmas!

With only a few weeks now until Christmas, Clear Property thought we would share some top tips to help you sell your home before Christmas, with a move in just before or in January. How better to start your year!

So the worry is that over Christmas the market is quieter, and you are historically correct. Many families are concentrating on festive activities, visiting family, buying and sharing presents and generally anything but selling their property or indeed searching for one. Priorities are somewhat different and understandably so. This is why…. You need to instruct a pro-active agent that knows who is serious about buying property. They can help you secure a buyer with minimal fuss. Equally they can help you find a property with the correct registration process they can make your search easier and it should not be affected by festive celebrations.

Take full advantage of autumnal photography, play with the light and colours of lighting and decorations. This can help to sell your property. A festive home is a happy one, so pull out the decs and get festive. Of course by carefully choosing your agent they will be back in good time following Christmas if your unfortunate not to sell in this time, as leaving images of Rudolph or Santa is a giveaway you have been selling your property for some time.

Delicious smells of Christmas spice or freshly baked mince pies, scrumptious house smells do not sell your property but they will get your buyers in a happy mood, this may just encourage that offer you have been waiting for. We line our office radiators with scented oil, so our customers enjoy the scents of Christmas – it works = happy customers!

Pricing a property when putting it onto the market, is certainly not affected by the interruption of Christmas. A house is worth no more in the New Year, as within the 4/5 weeks before. Make the most of Christmas stress free and enjoy the festivities without negotiating anything more or lower than you initially budgeted to accept or offer on your new property.

Lastly the last year we had a completion just days before Christmas Day so do not be disheartened there are still serious buyers and sellers around. Be honest with your agent when selling or buying about your level of expectations surrounding timescales. Do not be pushed into a quick process or indeed a slower one, make sure the property is perfect for you and the timescales are acceptable to all within your chain.

Merry Christmas from the girls at Clear Property – written by Kelly Forrester

Kelly Forrester

Kelly Forrester

Company Director

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