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Property Auctions – A faster, easier and commission free way to sell your property!

Clear Property are continually innovating and delivering new services. We have partnered with Pattinson Auction to provide our customers with an alternative way to sell their property.

Pattinson have over 25 years of auction experience and are officially the fastest growing auction house of 2017.

Why should you choose an Auction?


0% to sell your property

Non refundable deposit paid by the buyer

Immediate exchange of contracts

Buyer is legally bound

Fixed timescale for completion

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“I would just like to thank you and your team for the professional way in which you so quickly sold my property last month. The resulting sale price was more than I was expecting, but very very welcome.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my property suitable for auction?
Any type, style, design or price of property whether residential or commercial is suitable for auction.

Can I accept offers outside the auction?
Bids can be placed on your property before, during or after an auction event. You can accept an offer at any time and we will ensure that the buyer agrees to the auction terms of security and speed. The auction team will discuss the bids with you, if there is a lot of interest in your property we would normally recommend waiting until the auction date but it is your decision whether to accept an offer before the auction.

How can l ensure l get the price l want?
You have a safety net of a reserve price, your property will not sell below this.

How quickly do l need to move?
The quickest way to sell your property is with Unconditional auction terms where there is an immediate exchange of contracts and the sale will complete within 28 days. Alternatively you can sell within 56 days through the conditional auction terms.

How often do Pattinson hold an auction?
They have live monthly auctions covering the whole of the U.K and online auctions ending daily.

“I am delighted with the service from the auction department. I achieved a much higher price than I anticipated in the supposedly poor market.”

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