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This week Jodie has visited a lovely well-presented one bedroom apartment in Thorndale Court, Exwick, which is due to come to market at the end of March. One not to be missed, as it’s a great starter property for a professional individual or couple. To avoid missing a great opportunity like this one and to be kept up to date with our new rental properties, don’t forget to register with our lettings team on 01392 425555.


Welcome MatThe start of March has been a busy one!

The lettings team here at Clear carried out four move-ins on one day, with several more scheduled for the rest of this month.

Such a lovely part of the job moving someone in to their new home.


Demand is still highDemand still high – but it is set to increase yet again this year. Recent studies show that on average there are 12 prospective tenants for each home to rent! These figures are predicted to rise in 2017 as demand for quality housing continues to outweigh supply.

So if you are thinking of renting out your home now could be the best time to do it!


Considering buying a buy-to-let property.
Take a look at our top tips…

Research the market on buy-to-let
Request alerts for property websites to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity and ensure you get plenty advice from local agents.

Do the maths on your buy-to-let
Before you start looking, ensure you have enough funding to purchase the property and carry out any necessary works so it is ready for tenants to move in. Always check the yield of the property to ensure you will be getting the return you require.

Choose a promising area to invest in property
Local agents will be able to advise you on the highest demand areas or where they have tenants waiting.

Think about your target tenant
Are you looking for students, professionals, would you consider sharers or a family? Before purchasing a house consider the type of tenants you would like in your property. If a family is what you are looking for consider being close to a local school etc.

Consider doing a property up
If you don’t mind investing some money into a property to make it a lot more appealing, look for properties that require a bit of modernisation or renovation works. You could find a hidden gem!

Know the ups and downs of becoming a Landlord
Before you make any investment, you should always investigate the negative aspects as well as the positive to ensure you are happy to become a Landlord and what you could be faced with.

Consider how hands-on you want to be
Would you be happy to manage the property and tenants yourself or would it be best for you to seek a management agent? Having an agent manage the property eliminates any issues you may face, late night calls of maintenance or, in the unlikely event of unpaid rents, having to chase your tenants for monies. Sit back and enjoy seeing the return of your investment!



This week we were all waiting for the budget to be announced. There has been mixed reviews on the outcome and some unexpected proposals. The Capital Gains Tax Annual Exempt amount for 2016/17 was £11,100 for individuals and this is to increase to £11,300 from April 2017 and something which I think could really help people looking to purchase their first homes the government are bringing in new savings bond which will be available through National Savings & Investment (NS&I) from April 2017.The Chancellor has confirmed that the bond will have an interest rate of 2.2% gross, and a term of three years. Savers over the age of 16 will be able to deposit up to £3,000, with a minimum investment of £100. The government expects around two million people to benefit from the new bond, which will be available for 12 months from April 2017.

*sourced from Old Mill Group

Jodie Bond

Jodie Bond

Branch Manager


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