Dear Client!

I just wanted to ensure you were aware a NEW property portal has launched today


It is trying to sell itself to agencies such as Clear Property. With part of the terms of membership is the agent has to DROP either Rightmove or Zoopla. Now clearly these two property portals are leading in terms of branding and we expect at least 200-350 leads every month from both of these portals. If Clear was to drop one to go to a new property portal I believe which is why I have made the decision to stay with the BIG 2 we would see a drop in potential buyers or tenants. Like all businesses it takes time to grow and raise brand awareness and I will be keeping a watchful eye on this.

To put this into perspective, dropping Rightmove the largest property portal in the UK means your home will no longer be marketed to 92 million buyers searching every month on average. If we were to drop Zoopla, the second largest property portal in the UK then you would be missing out on an audience of 40 million buyers.

SO WHY are the agents choosing to drop one of these portals and dilute their potential buyers, take on a huge risk?

It is to save money, agents are struggling to find approximately £2000 per month to instruct both Rightmove and Zoopla. If you think this is like selling a house a month to fund the advertising without paying for costs such as staff and business premises.

I kind of agree with the large saving they will make, but at the moment I personally will see what happens as opposed to taking such a huge risk that could and would affect my clients.

I strongly advice that if your agent was advertising with that you look for an agent that looks after its clients first, like us and instructs them to sell their property. We will not be decreasing the chances of selling your home. Contact us for a free valuation!

Yours sincerely,

Kelly Forrester

Kelly Forrester

Kelly Forrester

Company Director

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